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Burial plot sourcing in UK
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Our checklist is designed to help you make the perfect choice when it comes to paying your final respects to a loved one. There are numerous factors involved in the process of finding the perfect final resting place and by following the guidance set out below we aim to assist you in doing so.

Our mantra is that cemeteries and memorial gardens should be a place for the living, somewhere that we can look forward to visiting to share our memories and to pay our respects.

Our interactive mapping system and our unique star rating is designed to help you in making your choice.

  • Location
  • Type of Burial Plot
  • Religious Requirements
  • Cemetery Facilities
  • Styling the Grave
  • Cost
  • What does your Funeral Care Plan cover?
  • Ancillary Costs

Step by Step Guide to Buying a Burial Plot at the Time of Need

Using our interactive guide, you can search for available burial plots in all the cemeteries with available space in your chosen area. If you have a specific choice where other family members may already be buried and it does not feature on our list, please contact us for further information about the options that may be available to you.

It should be noted that most local authority cemeteries have a resident policy whereby those living outside of the district are charged a non-resident fee which often amounts to 3 or 4 times the resident fee. In the case of private cemeteries this does not apply and may be worth considering if you are looking at the purchase of multiple plots for future use.

Our unique star rating and gallery will help to give you an early insight into the quality of the cemetery and the services that it offers.

There are a wide range of burial plots available at most cemeteries, all at different price levels dependent upon their size, location, and style. The pricing structures advertised by cemeteries are mostly guided for a basic lawn style grave and do not include the internment fee, ongoing maintenance charges, license fees for headstones or chapel hire when applicable. At we have sourced the marketplace in its entirety across the UK to provide detailed information on the cemeteries offering burial plots for sale.

The problem that faces us all when we need to make a purchase at the time of need is our ability to decipher the long list of to do items involved in the bereavement process. This often leads us to ignore the detail of selecting the best option when it comes to choosing a burial plot. With so much focus on the funeral and the memorial service, the final resting place – something that stays with us long after the funeral – we neglect one of the most important choices we should be making.

The choice of final resting place is a highly detailed process and it is our aim to simplify your decision making process by highlighting all of the options available to you in order that you make the right choice whilst being aware of the unforeseen costs that apply to every burial plot purchase.

Our interactive map will guide you through the different options available at each cemetery.

Religion can be an important factor in deciding the choice of cemetery and the location of the burial plot, especially for the Muslim and Jewish faiths, who have very distinctive requirements. As part of our interactive search facility you can add your religion to assist in your search.

Do you require a graveside service?

Do you require the use of a chapel building on site to hold the service?

Will you want to hold a memorial service at a future date?

Do you want to broadcast the service to friends and family live?

Are you considering a direct burial?

Have you considered a natural burial site?

Do you wish to purchase additional plots for future use by family members?

Using our unique interactive search, you can tailor your enquiry to suit your requirements as you wish.

What are the opening times of the cemetery for visitors, and is it permanently staffed?

What other facilities does the cemetery offer ie. Florists, Coffee Shop, Mobility aids, Catering Services for wakes?

Is there suitable public transport access to the cemetery?

Do you require a clean grave (either a burial vault or a grave liner)?

What type of headstone or grave marker do you require?

Does your casket or coffin meet the standard grave size requirements?

What are the maintenance provisions for the cemetery as a whole and more specifically for your grave?

Initially you are quoted a price to purchase an exclusive right of internment for one body. It is important that you check the term of the internment rights as this varies with each cemetery, ranging from 25 years to 99 years. The cost of internment is another consideration to make, as this is often overlooked at the point of purchase and can often be as much as the cost of the burial plot itself. If you are considering more than one internment per grave, or if you want to combine a burial with the disposal of cremated remains into a plot it is important that you are aware of the added cost of doing this.

To permit the erection of a headstone or grave marker it is important to recognise the licensing fee that the cemetery charges for this service and this should not be confused with the actual cost of purchasing the stone.

Maintenance charges are an important factor in understanding the long term ambitions of the cemetery to avoid the all too familiar picture of collapsed or vandalised graves, and overgrown landscapes.


Government Benefits – The Bereavement Support Payment, The Guardian’s Allowance, The Funeral Expenses Payment and Parental bereavement Leave and Pay are all financial support schemes based on a means test. We at CemInvest are happy to progress your application on your behalf.

Is there a funeral care plan in place and does it offer any contribution towards the cost of a burial plot? While most don’t advertise it, if there is an allowance for cremation and this is not used it should be transferrable towards the cost of burial. At Ceminvest we work with who provide an excellent all-inclusive not for profit plan that is Shariah compliant for Muslim purchasers also.

Short notice burials often apply a surcharge

Weekend or evening burials will carry a premium charge

If the burial is to take place in an existing grave how long is remaining on the exclusive right of burial. Some cemeteries do not allow further openings unless there is at least 20 years remaining.

Organ/Organist for the service

Online commemoration

Photography/Filming permits


Assignment of ownership

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