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Burial plot sourcing in UK
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Dear Investors,

CemInvest Limited will offer the provision of services to the funeral industry. The portal itself will be a one-stop information-led service direct to the public, enabling freedom of choice in a market that affects over 600,000 end-users in the UK and over 1 million users in the forward (pre-need market).

The core function of the site will be to provide the consumer with choice of services when the traditional market is fully reliant on funeral directors. Burial plots Ltd already owns over 40,000 burial plots in the London area and a further 150,000 plots across the UK (see map* for locations). They are also looking to acquire and develop cemeteries in Blackburn/Preston, Manchester/Bolton, Oldham, Bradford/Leeds, Huddersfield, Solihull/Coventry, Leicester, Luton, Northolt (W London), Esher (SW London), and Croydon

Currently, the market is in very short supply and choice is limited. This makes Ceminvest Limited uniquely placed to offer a service to the consumer that provides both choice and affordability in a space where price increases occur every year greater than inflation.

As the age of the UK population increases along with death rates and the use of land having increasing demands for housing and infrastructure, the provision for burial space is becoming a bigger concern for the Government. Local authorities that run the majority of cemeteries are mostly full, offering burials plots only on a next available space basis, not allowing for the securing of adjoining or multiple plots, or the ability for families or religious groups to forward purchase in order to be near each other.

CemInvest Limited, by way of acquisition of plots, will be able to offer the consumer a choice of burial plots, within a cemetery in their chosen catchment areas, they will have the choice of size, location, and price. They will have the ability to make advanced payments or on a subscription to a payment plan.

Due to its position in the market, Burial plots Ltd also plans to provide a number of offshoot services within its proposed proposition, with partnering agreements with life insurance policies, will writing, inheritance tax advice, pensions, etc, all relevant to our consumer base. Other revenue streams will come from more direct access to all aspects involved in the bereavement process, including memorials, florists, wake services, and grave maintenance.

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